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Toured Braidwood Housing Project

Photo left- right: AFC Project Manager- Cheryl, Courtenay Comox MLA- Ronna Rae Leonard, Roger Kishi - Wachiay Friendship Centre, Courtenay Mayor- Bob Wells, M'akola- Kevin Albers, AFC Site Super.- Dave. People at risk of homelessness, including those who are...

Understanding Property Assessments and Your Taxes

2019 property assessments have been mailed to all property owners in the province. According to BC Assessment, the average Courtenay single-family home increased in value by 17%. Many communities across BC have experienced higher than average property assessment increases this year.

Free parking at the Comox Valley Hospital

As a parent who needed extended assistance when our twins were born with complications, I was shocked at the cost of parking and resolved to ensure that others in the same situation would have at least one less thing to worry about.

When the new hospital was built I successfully campaigned for free parking.

Giving Courtenay Our Best

I'm very grateful for the love and support of my family.  They are there with me every step of the way as we do our best to make sure the voters of Courtenay have a great choice for Mayor. ADVANCE VOTING OPPORTUNITIES Advance voting opportunities will be provided at...

Voting for a Food Secure Comox Valley – LUSH Valley’s Report

With the majority of our produce food being transported from the mainland, we remain reliant. For years it has been up to organisations like LUSH Valley, and the dedicated people who run them, to work towards improved education, self-reliance, and effectively sharing our harvests. With this in mind, I am proud to be the first to answer their important questions in the questionnaire they sent to all current candidates.

Bob Wells with Lisa Helps Talking Dispensaries

I had a discussion with Lisa Helps about the study that has shown the crime has actually gone down around every medical cannabis dispensary in Victoria. She credits this to an industry that knows there is a perception problem and is working hard to make sure increased crime does not become a reality.

Don’t miss Ribfest this weekend

Ribfest is this weekend. This annual event is brought to the community by the Strathcona-Sunrise Rotary Club, who uses the funds raised for local and international projects. September 14-15-16 at the Comox Valley Exhibition Grounds – 3 days of food, music & entertainment for the whole family.

Affordable Housing Strategy

  I see the housing crisis as one of the biggest issues right now affecting our community.  I see it taking a balanced approach from local government to create the environment to support private and non-profit solutions.   The Comox Valley Coalition to End...

Increased Accessibility for All

Increasing accessibility for all benefits our entire community. Soon after the last election I met with John Higginbotham and toured Courtenay in a scooter from Air Park to North Island College. It was clear that many of the streets and intersections were not designed for accessibility.

Open and Collaborative Governance

I know my biases and work hard to understand those with opposing views to create collaborative outcomes.  Over the past 4 years I’ve seen the consequences of not listening which erodes trust and respect. I am passionate, but not polarizing. I advocate for my principles, but am not antagonistic.