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Innovative Features of 5th Street Complete Street Project

City Council joined Nanaimo Member of Legislative Assembly, Sheila Malcolmson on a walking tour of the 5th Street Complete Street project, between Menzies and Fitzgerald Avenues. The project was made possible by a $3.253 million grant to the City of Courtenay from the Strategic Priorities fund under the Federal Gas Tax Fund and $,41,900 from the ICBC Road Safety program.

Mayor’s 2018 Annual Report Message

Our community made significant strides in 2018 on a number of areas, and on behalf of Council I’m pleased to highlight some of our accomplishments, along with future goals that are still to be achieved.

The rising cost of housing in southern coastal British Columbia has become an increasing challenge for many municipalities, including Courtenay. Our Council is committed to working towards solutions. In 2018 we engaged with a number of regional housing and social service providers to collectively work on our mutual goals of addressing housing insecurity and homelessness.

Free parking at the Comox Valley Hospital

As a parent who needed extended assistance when our twins were born with complications, I was shocked at the cost of parking and resolved to ensure that others in the same situation would have at least one less thing to worry about.

When the new hospital was built I successfully campaigned for free parking.

Giving Courtenay Our Best

I'm very grateful for the love and support of my family.  They are there with me every step of the way as we do our best to make sure the voters of Courtenay have a great choice for Mayor. ADVANCE VOTING OPPORTUNITIES Advance voting opportunities will be provided at...

Voting for a Food Secure Comox Valley – LUSH Valley’s Report

With the majority of our produce food being transported from the mainland, we remain reliant. For years it has been up to organisations like LUSH Valley, and the dedicated people who run them, to work towards improved education, self-reliance, and effectively sharing our harvests. With this in mind, I am proud to be the first to answer their important questions in the questionnaire they sent to all current candidates.